I spent the first few months of lockdown 2020 developing an unhealthy obsession with dub. Stripping back tracks to leave only the bare bones and then using tape delays to sending feedback slices and hits to the moon and back. How those days flew by. What virus? I was listening loads to King Tubby, Sly & Robbie, Keith Hudson and particularly the 'Berlin' dub-techno of Rhythm & Sound, Purl, Heavenchord, Monolake and Deadbeat. All great stuff. They manage to make music sound so simple and effortless when I know (now) how tricky it is to get that balance of using space as much as sound itself.

Being more influenced by song structures, I guess my take on this genre sounds more like pieces in the realm of Nightmares on Wax, Boards of Canada, etc

So it started by doing some dub takes of a few tracks from the Hissy Fits album, and then just going off with new pieces. I could've done another 10 tracks. Hissy Fits took me about 4 years all in. Low Country probably about 3 months.

Hope you enjoy listening.
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ALBUM OUT - 'Low Country'